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 CB&S Pest Control has been meeting Central Florida and Brevard County's pest control needs for over 22 years.

 Founded in 1996, we are now 3 generations of the Bogen Family providing Pest Control solutions through integrated pest management, and environmentally friendly practices. Our reputation for quality speaks for itself.

 Pest Management treatment plans are as unique as our customers and the problems they experience. We are thoroughly trained to track the source of the problem and treat it accordingly.

 In addition, local knowledge is extremely important when it comes to proper pest management. In other words, a pest management company in Brevard County can offer localized solutions that meet the needs of Brevard County residents, the same goes for other county residents too. CB&S Pest Control offers local solutions that statewide and nationwide providers simply can't deliver. We live and play here too, and experience the same pest problems as our neighbors.

 CB&S Pest Control offers our exclusive 'once a year' pest control. We apply a barrier that provides exceptional and reliable insect control. The whole house is treated - inside and out, top to bottom. We provide an exterior application to keep bugs out that is second to none! Baits and liquid insecticides prevent insects from coming in at all.

 The service is guaranteed for one year, services calls are handled within 24 hours in most cases, for no additional costs. And, we also offer additional services such as flea and tick control, and rodent control at a discounted price if needed. No other pest control company in Brevard County can match the world class service and experience delivered by CB&S Pest Control.

 Subterranean termite treatments are done using Fipronil, the most advanced termite treatment product available on the market today. Since using Fipronil, we have never had a single failure of the product, and no live termites have ever been discovered in the homes that have been treated. 100% success rate!

 CB&S Pest Control also offers lawn fertilizing and lawn insect control service. Bi-monthly treatment of the lawn and flower beds provides a healthy, pest free lawn. We follow all County and Indian River Lagoon best management practices to prevent unnecessary nitrogen runoff from fertilizer applications.
 While providing Pest Management Services, we want to be sure we care for your children and pets as well. We ask for a least an hour dry time after the treatment before you bring children and pets back into the area. We use the most environmentally safe products available on the market. During and after treatment, you will not see, touch or smell any of the products we use. We use quality products that are high in residual properties and low in toxicity. You will not come into contact with any of our products! Safe and effective!

 Guaranteed quality service, with a guaranteed affordable price! We beat any competitor pricing with a similar treatment and service! We NEVER lose a customer due to pricing...PERIOD!

 With CB&S Pest Control on your side, you can truly say, "The Bug Stops Here!"

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